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A picnic on the tundra high on Montana Mountain in the southern Yukon

A DeHaviland Beaver floatplane on Lake Schwatka at Whitehorse, Yukon

Mammoth statues guard the Beringia Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon, in an ice fog at -40°

Railway museum and grain elevator art gallery at Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Anchorage, Alaska in the 1940s

Klondike River, 1900

    With a few tiny exceptions, the northern regions of the world are sparsely populated, seldom visited and little understood.

    Since 1996, I have been working in print and on the Web to increase awareness of this world. Part of that involves my photography and historic photograph collection, as a good picture truly is worth a thousand words. On this Web site you will find sample images from my collection, which have been published in several books, magazines such as "Up Here" and "Vancouver Magazine", online journals such as RV West, many Web sites including ExploreNorth, and Far North Fiberglass, and many industry reports, calendars and smaller journals. The primary showcase for my photographs has become The ExploreNorth Blog.

    Most Northern photographers look for wildlife subjects or scenics. Although I have some wildlife images and many scenics, my specialty in broad terms is human interaction with this world. That ranges from historic sites to modern tourism and community development. I travel extensively both on the road system and by 4x4, canoe, aircraft and on foot and skis in the backcountry to record these images.

    I have a total of almost 200,000 copyrighted images in stock, available in any resolution for your print, Web or audiovisual use. As well as the North, there are images from southern Canada, the western United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. They date back to 1966, but the majority have been shot since the mid 1980s. Most of the images shot prior to the summer of 2002 are 35mm Kodachrome 64 or K25 transparencies, the ones since that time are mostly digital.

    The Yukon and Alaska have been my primary focus for shooting and for collecting historic images since 1990, but other areas are covered as seen in the list below. Several pages with captioned sample images are linked from this list now (in bold), and more will be added as development of this Web site continues. Subjects listed but not yet linked are on the short list to be added. Both area and subject-specific pages are being added as part of the development process.

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