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Images of Dawson City, Yukon Territory

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RVs in historic Dawson City, Yukon Territory
RVs drive past the historic
Catholic church in Dawson City.
A wrecked sternwheel steamboat along the Yukon River near Dawson City
The wreckage of a steamboat at the Sternwheeler Graveyard.
Second Avenue, Dawson City
Second Avenue on a foggy
early-winter morning.
Dawson City & the Yukon River
Dawson City and the Yukon River.
Restoring the historic riverboat Yukon Rose.
Restoring the historic riverboat Yukon Rose.
Actor and Robert Service interpreter Tom Byrne at his cabin.
Actor and Robert Service interpreter Tom Byrne at his cabin.
Diamond Tooth Gertie's Casino
The roulette action at Diamond Tooth Gertie's Casino.
Abandoned Cemetery
The earliest of Dawson's cemeteries, returning to nature.
Dredge #4
A tour group is guided through the massive interior of Dredge #4.
Barbecue near Moosehide Village.
Cooking for visitors on an island near Moosehide Village.
Diamond Tooth Gertie's Casino
"Diamond Tooth Gertie" entertains visitors at her Casino.
Red Feather Saloon, Dawson City
A resident hurries past the Red Feather Saloon complex on a cold winter morning.
Bullet-riddled grave marker
A bullet-riddled grave marker in Dawson's Catholic cemetery.
The Yukon Lou
The little replica paddlewheeler Yukon Lou takes visitors down the Yukon River.
Dredge #8, Klondike gold fields
Dredge #8 sits in the Klondike gold fields, slowly rotting away.
The Klondike gold fields
An interpreter shows visitors the workings of a simple gold mine.
Front Street
The coffee shop on Front Street is a popular spot on chilly mornings.
Dredge #4
The massive machinery on Dredge #4, a Parks Canada historic site.
Dredge #4
The person shows just how large the pieces on the digging ladder of Dredge #4 are.
Crocus Bluffs Trail
The Crocus Bluffs Trail provides a quiet place to walk in the summer.
The Third Avenue Complex
These turn-of-the-century buildings show the effect of permafrost on structures.
Front Street panorama
A panorama of the frozen Yukon River and Front Street.
Biggs Blacksmith Shop
The Biggs Blacksmith Shop shows many additions, each sagging at a different rate.
Dawson Ferry
Once the Yukon River freezes, the ferry is pulled up onto the bank for a long rest.
The Dawson Post Office
Repainting the old Post Office.
Dawson ferry
Visitors' RVs and locals with their dogs crowd the ferry to go across the Yukon River.
The Yukon River freezing
The Yukon River gets used right up to the last minute before it freezes.