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Yukon College Papers by Murray Lundberg, 1993-1994

The Social Construction of Crime
in Canadian Aboriginal Societies

Murray Lundberg

Criminology 101
Hayli Miller
Yukon College
October 31, 1993

    With slight editing, this paper was posted on my website on November 11, 1999, so I won't re-post it here.

Instructor's main comments (many more can be seen in the pdf):

    Murray, your paper is well researched, clearly written, and directly addresses the assignment topic focus. Excellent work, particularly your integration of relevant Yukon information! The a areas I would like to have seen you briefly elaborate on are: (1) your discussion of the social construction of crime, and; (2) specific conflicts btwn Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal systems of dispute resolution.
    In brief, excellent identification of your theoretical perspective, the social construction of crime, Aboriginal cultural imperatives, and the major differences btwn Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal approaches to dispute resolution.


See a pdf of the paper.